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Paperless Automation

If you're still using paper for your business processes, we can help make the transition to digital. Get advanced reporting on your business operations by switching off paper!


Cantango can build custom workflows for your company. Inform the right people at the right time and stay in tune with your business processes.


If you have an existing system and would like to integrate another piece of software, we can help. Getting two systems to communicate should not be a roadblock to improvement!

Document Management

Cantango offers Provesoft BPMS and improvement suite. We offer implementation services to get you up and running fast.

Business Process Improvement

Cantango can help you find inefficiencies in your processes and offer ways to improve the effectiveness of how you perform business. We have experience in multiple disciplines and have helped companies turn around their broken processes.

eCommerce Ready

Looking to gain an online presence? Do you need an online store? We can help get your company eCommerce ready and supply all the tools required to successfully compete online!

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