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Next Generation Process Management

Collaborate and Improve!

Provesoft offers fully embedded collaboration tools to facilitate company wide continuous improvement Provesoft is specially designed to promote a culture of team collaboration to achieve greatness as an organization.


Allow your entire organization the ability to make suggestions instantly directly related to a process document. Process owners and influencers can be notified when an improvement suggestion is offered on one of their processes


Provesoft put notification control into the user's hands. Users can follow processes they want to stay notified about and just as easily remove their follow with one simple click. Provesoft will also keep process owners and approvers notified when actions are required!


Employees can track their contribution to the overall company improvement initiative with personal counter and statistics. Provesoft grows employee engagement by

Positive Feedback

Provesoft allows users to provide positive feedback to other employee suggestions and process changes. Positive feedback contributes to building and maintaining a team dedicated to improving the entire company

Idea Pooling

Provesoft excels at funneling improvement suggestions to the process owners and allowing them to action the ones they find valuable. Getting the suggestions to the right person who can make them happen is critical to executing on process improvement!

News Feed

One of the most powerful features of Provesoft is the news feed feature. The news feed is the pulse of process change within the organization. Employees can easily see all of the changes that are happening across the company and use them to fule their own improvement projects!

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