We can help automate customs clearance into Canada, our trusted partners provide solutions that can be easily integrated with your system of record. Integrating directly with the Canadian Border Services Agency can be very expensive upfront and cost you in the long run to maintain.

Email us to find out how we can automate your interaction with the Canadian Border Services Agency with minimal upfront costs.

Our consultants can assist you reduce the amount of inbound tariffs paid and simplify your processes for duty drawback and duty deferral

Container Tracking

If you are importing goods from overseas, tracking inbound containers can be very important. Knowing at any moment where your containers are in the world allows you to plan transportation upon arrival at port or inland terminal. Also by tracking containers in transit your customers can get a better picture of when their orders will be fulfilled if you choose to share this information with them.

Cantango can help you implement a solution that keeps your logistics team's finger on the pulse of your transportation networks!