Workorder Management

Allow your manufacturing floor to function more fluidly and remove paperwork with a workorder management system. Serial track your products from the beginning to end of the manufacturing process and digitally track all manufacturing process without having to put pen to paper. Many manufacturers have build records which are required to be kept for multiple years, Cantango can build manufacturing solutions to reduce space required and secure build records indefinitely

Barcode Enabled Manufacturing

Barcoding has been around for ages, but the practical use of them in manufacturing has grown extensively since its inception.

Let us show you how you could save time and effort in your manufacturing process by using barcoding for routing, populating build records, issuing parts, starting/stopping workorder progress and completing workorders

Document Management

Having documents readily available for your employees can be a big win when training new employees. Keep work instructions and training documents available for your manufacturing department so they have access to what they need instantly. We have built tablet enabled workstations to assist manufacturing lines find the documents they need when mouse and keyboard space is limited.