Customer Portal

Regardless of your industry, many manufacturers and wholesalers are opting to allow customers to manage their own purchases online. Not your typical online retail store with pretty pictures and a creditcard checkout but a full on portal for your customers to take control of their purchasing activities.

Tap into your ERP system to display your inventory levels and average lead time on your products. Allowing customers to make purchases themselves reduces the amount of time the customer service team needs to spend on typing in orders. Instantly create orders in your ERP on customer demand by using a customer portal and gain the power of promotion on last time buy items and products that are being discontinued

Automatic Sales Order Entry

Our partners at Conexiom can help you automate your order entry with their revolutionary product geared towards automating the sales order process.

Conexiom is a trusted partner with years of experience automating sales order entry and can help you reduce your customer service overhead. The video below can help explain how Conexiom does it!