Supplier Portals

EDI is not always an optimal choice for supply chain parnters, the upfront cost is high to implement and each supplier requires their own onboarding process. As your supply chain partners expand and shrink enless IT costs are incurred setting up EDI with each new partner. Supplier portals allow all supply chain parnters to manage their activity in one place without seperate implementations.

We have extensive experience with supplier portals some of the features we have implemented are:

  • Purchase Order Sending
  • Purchase Order Collaboration and Revision Control
  • Forecast Sharing
  • Document and Policy Sharing
  • Advanced Shipping Notice Creation (ASN)
  • Barcode Generation for Easy Receipt

Supplier Score-carding

Keeping track of how your supply chain partners are performing is key to the success of any supply chain. Being able to instantly monitor or receive a snapshot of supplier performance helps management make executive decisions on future purchasing directives.

We can build supply chain scorecards for totally digital supply chain management. Host scorecards on your supplier portal and give instant access to your supply chain partners for viewing their performance

Check out our demo digital scorecard! The interactive nature of our scorecards allows supply chain professionals to slice and dice data instantly and make the right decisions for their organizations

Quote and Contract Management

Purchasing may have different ways of requesting quotes from their supply chain but email is certainly the least effective way to capture your pricing contracts. We have experience building quote management modules for companies looking to automate the way they request price quotes from their supply chain. Store them digitally to allow for reporting on long term cost changes, comparison among multiple partners or enable notifications when expiration of pricing agreements are reached